Kiosk 2/3, Leicester Square
London, WC2

Rare retail opportunity next to Leicester Square Underground Station

Ground & Basement - 1,883 Sq Ft

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Prednisone is used for treating severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and skin conditions.

Oral prednisone over the counter, Doxycycline hydrochloride tablets 50 mg it might not be long before that comes to pass. "The future is certainly bright, as it seems in the scientific literature, which also describes the online pharmacy hydrocodone with prescription efficacy, safety, side effects and cost of non-pharmaceutical interventions in chronic pain and fibromyalgia," the authors write in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. "In addition, research on pain management in fibromyalgia, particularly on non-pharmaceutical interventions, is increasingly recognized as central to treatment planning and outcomes. The current state of science strongly suggests that non-pharmaceutical agents are superior to pharmaceutical for the management of fibromyalgia." The research involved about 400 people with fibromyalgia and another 200 who were not diagnosed with fibromyalgia but had fibromyalgia-related symptoms that could be related to the disease. participants were randomized to receive one of two dosages prednisone—500 mg, or 25 mg once twice a week—with either acupuncture or sham procedures. The patients then completed questionnaires measuring their pain, fatigue, physical function and quality of life over the course 12 weeks. The results showed that although both dosages significantly reduced pain and fatigue, the higher dose of prednisone was associated with a significant improvement in physical function. "While the evidence is very encouraging, there are still questions about whether the acupuncture-based treatments are a worthwhile addition to the treatments of patients with fibromyalgia," said Dr. Steven Deeks, the lead author of study and director the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Oregon Hospital and Clinics in Portland. Because the study did not have power to determine the difference in pain or disability between the groups, some experts don't think that the study proves combination of acupuncture and prednisone is better than one or the other. researchers point out that pain and disability outcomes differed significantly between the groups, but their conclusions still stand: the treatment combination provided significant improvements in their physical function and pain. However, the study was short-and did have some limitations. For one, it only included a specific type of acupuncture; it remains to be seen if the same method of treatment can be used throughout the body. Also, researchers used a short-term randomized controlled trial—the kind most physicians would use to confirm the findings. As these studies are generally considered to be the gold standard, their findings are often considered valid. The study was also small—only about 40 participants at the beginning and 40 participants at the end. That's important because treatment effects weren't big enough to make a substantial dent in overall disability or improvement of pain. "Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that often requires multi-modal treatment and for fibromyalgia usually begins with medication. Given the short duration of this trial and the small number of participants, findings from this trial should be viewed with caution," the authors write.

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  • Leicester Square 1 MIN WALK
  • Covent Garden 4 MIN WALK
  • Piccadilly Circus 5 MIN WALK
  • Charing Cross 5 MIN WALK


Ground 881 £425,000 Available
Basement 1,002 £425,000 Available


  • Prime retail opportunity
  • Double fronted
  • The highest footfall area in London
  • Original features
  • High ceilings of 4m+ on the ground floor
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